Southside Family Medical Group has a laboratory onsite to meet our patient’s needs. Many family and pediatric practices send their patients offsite to the hospital or other stand-alone laboratory sites to have their blood drawn. This delays treatment, increases anxiety, and causes patients to miss even more time from work.

Our patients are able to walk in at almost anytime to get their labs drawn. We offer convenient laboratory hours starting at 8:00 AM Monday thru Friday. The laboratory is closed during the lunch hour of 12 to 1.

If Dr. Goul or Dr. Williams determine there is a medical need to have your labs drawn, you are able to get them drawn immediately after your appointment. The doctor or nurse will escort you to the laboratory and make sure you are comfortable. You will be informed of why the labs are needed and what tests will be ordered. Please feel free to ask the doctor or nurse any questions.

Pathology Laboratories operates our lab services. The phlebotomist will make every effort to ensure you are comfortable during the blood draw procedure. Please let them know if you have a special insurance card for Lab testing.

Southside Family Medical Group is currently a draw site for most plans. If you have a special insurance card for lab services, it must be presented to the front staff and phlebotomist at the time of service. The most common card that requires special lab processing is LAB ONE. Our laboratory can perform blood draws for Lab One cardholders, but must send the specimen to LAB ONE for processing.