How to Make an Appointment

Many people face anxiety when attempting to schedule a doctor’s appointment. Whether the appointment is for a chronic condition or a transient issue, the goal is to set an appointment time and date that is agreeable to your home and work schedule.

While many doctor’s offices are developing new ways of allowing clients to schedule appointments, telephone calls are still the way most complete way. Before you make a phone call to schedule your next office visit, take the time to prepare for the phone call.

Examine your schedule.

Take the time to look over your home and work calendars. Choose your most desired dates and times according to your schedule. Write them down to refer to while on the appointment scheduling phone call.

Gather your personal information.

The appointment scheduler may need information such as your name, social security number, address, date of birth, and insurance carrier. Depending on the appointment type, you may need to give other health information as well. Remember, you are the expert on your medical history.

Prepare and make the phone call in privacy.

You should make the appointment scheduling phone call during office operating hours. Our phones are turned on from 8-4 Monday thru Friday. Depending on the urgency of your health concerns, try to avoid calling during peak call times which include the minutes shortly after the office opening. Make sure you are calling from a room that is free from excess noise. You should also call during a time that you will be able to wait if needed. Our scheduling staff attempts to answer calls quickly and in a courteous manner. Wait time should be no longer than a few minutes.

Be sure to provide detailed information as to why you need to be seen. Please list all reasons. For example, if you have a sore throat, but also suffering from right knee pain, please advise the scheduler of this information. This way he or she can schedule you for the proper amount of time. It will make the office run more efficiently and help your doctor be on time.

If you are a new patient to the practice, please visit the Patient Forms page to print off and complete the required paperwork. You will save time on the date of your appointment by completing prior to arriving.

Have you recently moved? Has your either your home phone or cell phone changed? If you are an existing patient and your personal information has changed, please visit the Patient Forms page to print off and complete the patient change of information form.

If you have insurance and would like your visit billed to your insurance carrier, please be prepared to provide your card at EACH visit. Our office requires this information in order to file your insurance to the correct insurance carrier for each and every visit.

Call the Southside Family Medical Group at 317-452-8400 to schedule an appointment.